Marble Counter Aurora Adding Subtle Beauty and Shine to Your Home

Marble counters are a familiar choice in many homes both new and old. The gorgeous design and stunning colour make it an easy material to blend with any decor. Marble counters are also an affordable update to your kitchen and bathroom. Marble's colouring and striations is often imitated in manufactured countertop materials such as laminate. This is a compliment to marble as a truly beautiful natural stone. This validates the stunning qualities marble carries.
Marble Pros and Cons
Being anatural stonedoes afford marble strength and durability; however it is also a porous stone. This makes maintaining your marble countertops a little more demanding than some other stone or laminate options. When used as a kitchen or bathroom countertop, care must be taken when spills occur. Wiping them immediately will prevent staining which could prove very costly to remove. Marble kitchen countertops are heat resistant, however care needs to be taken when placing very hot objects directly on marble as this can cause irreversible staining that will ruin your investment. Keeping these things in mind when using your marble countertops will help to assure their beauty and integrity for many years to come.
Beautiful Marble
There is no denying the beauty of marble countertops. Their splendor and soft natural shine adds value and visual appeal to many homes. Marble's natural crystallization occurs during its formation, and this is what causes its marvelous sparkle and shine. The formation involving other mineral deposits causes the gorgeous natural veining and striations that give Marble its distinctive look. This durable stone has been a preferred choice in building material for many years because of its long lasting nature and inherent beauty. Many notable buildings and statues from centuries ago are made with the use of this distinctive natural stone. In more recent years however, marble has become a top pick for countertops both in the kitchen and bathroom. Its shine creates a visual impact that appeals to many homeowners. The formation of marble causes many different patterns and colours to present themselves. It is for this reason that it is said there are never two identical slabs of marble. You can be comfortably assured that your marble is unique!
Is Marble For You?
Marble counters are far more affordable than other natural stone options. The cost of marble can start from approximately forty dollars a linear foot and upwards for slab, or thirty dollars a square foot and up for tiles. When compared to other natural stone options such as granite for instance, this is very reasonable. Keep your budget in mind when you are planning to update your counters with marble. Marble counters have a definite return on investment with the increased value they add to your home. Marble countertops have a distinct look that matches every style and decor. Over time you may change the colours of your accessories or your walls. You may even reface your cupboards. The beauty of your marble countertops will endure each transition and still come out on top!